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China Jewelry Showcase Brand “DG Master of Display Showcase” Open a New Chapter of Cooperation With “Ivanka Trump“ Jewelry Brand

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扫一扫!China Jewelry Showcase Brand “DG Master of Display Showcase” Open a New Chapter of Cooperation With 扫一扫!
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The ever-changing jewellery industry provides a very enjoyable consumption process for the arrival of the era of personalized consumption. People buy jewellery, not only focus on the brand's amosphere, but also rely on all aspects of the brand. This is the consumption upgrade in the new era, and in turn requires jewelry brands to pay more attention to their own quality and details, even for the use of jewelry showcases are no exception.


International friends visited and claimed to be worthwhile for this trip

On October 24, 2018, the Chinese jewelry showcase brand [DG Master of Display Showcases] ushered in the inspection and cooperation negotiation of the third international big-name "Ivanka Trump" jewelry partner of this month, with the goal of brand image upgrade and the purpose of seeking a higher-end display showcase for the "Ivanka Trump" jewellery, the team coem to visit us far from Saudi Arabia, whether it is the visit from to the showroom to the factory, or the whole impression of China, the team has raised their thumbs, it is worthwhile.


"Ivanka Trump" jewelry is about to sweep across Asia

The "Ivanka Trump" jewellery brand was founded by Ivanka, the current president of the United States, known as "world-class white rich beauty". As a top professional female representative, successful entrepreneur, Ivanka founded Jewelry brand is characterized by “elegance, youth and fashion”, attracting many modern professional women with wisdom, confidence and elegance. They are eager to sweep across the Asian market. Many innovative ideas will promote the new fashion upgrade of the global jewelry industry. .


Chinese brand, Became on the stage of world

[DG Master of Display showcase] is a brand of a private enterprise in Guangzhou, founded in 1999. In these 19 years, DG master of Display Showcases incorporate the international jewellery concept and the updated iteration of the public aesthetics. The progress in the design and customization of the showcase has never stopped. It is a typical representative of the Chinese national enterprise brand. In 2012, DG Master of Display Showcase officially opened its foreign trade business. With the self-confidence and the mission and responsibility of the national brand, DG officially opened the enthusiasm of the global jewelry brand. In just one year, it has successively cooperated with international big names Chanel and Swarovski. Givenchy has established long-term cooperation and international business all over the world.

DG master of display showcase’s craftsman's spirit of ingenuity, whether it is the matching of product positioning and high-end grades, or product quality and service, has been recognized and praised by many internationally renowned brands.


Swarovski - the world's top crystal brand, has visited many manufacturers and finally chose DG Master of Display Showcase because of its excellent quality and culture.


Givenchy - international cosmetics luxury brand, this project is Sydney duty-free shop in Sydney, headquarters orders, specially cooperate with big brands.The client took a lot of detours, and finally found DG,althought there was friction in the process, and later he was moved because we did not give up, and finally because of quality and professional service that he made up his mind to cooperate with us, and the product inspection is very satisfactory.


DG Master of Display Showcase - More Than Beauty and Strength

The 19-year-old DG master of display showcase has become a common choice from the world's jewelry brands. Many foreign friends have entered the showroom of ours, and they can't help but jokingly say that "DG is the brand more than perfect i even seen!" All this comes from DG’s founder Selina Sun’s words”grateful for the trust of international friends, grateful for the opportunities and challenges that China’s rapid development has brought to private enterprises, and the hard work of the team. Thanks too much. While grateful, we look forward to more opportunities to provide high-end jewelry showcase customization services for jewelry brands from all over the world.



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