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Focusing on the DG --2017, the seven “most“ of the customized middle and high grade cabinet manufacturers

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扫一扫!Focusing on the DG --2017, the seven 扫一扫!
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2017, although we have said goodbye to us, but in the alternation of four seasons, the high-end and high-end display cabinet manufacturers have brought people endless surprises, touching and enjoying the beauty, but also left a review and reflection. We look back 2017 together, also better face 2018, in the new year, DG will have a new surprise!


The most popular: this year, DG has participated in a large number of popular exhibitions.

The exhibition of world history of British Museum's 100 relics in March was exhibited in National Museum. The exhibition of world history of 100 British Museum's cultural relics was exhibited in Shanghai Museum in June. The exhibition of Qin Han civilization was exhibited in September.

Its display of high-tech Museum showcases, digital exhibition superimposition of the pattern are specially customized and designed by the Ding GUI!

Most scientific and technological: the development of science and technology brings convenient and unlimited possibilities for the protection of cultural relics.

DG's research and design team has developed many ways in the museum display product opening design, using various high-tech and humane safety open ways, such as security intelligent detection and protection, intelligent acoustic and photoelectric alarm.

International: the DG in 2017 has also done a big event.

DG  fist product: the new safety and intelligent Museum showcase has passed the examination and test at all levels, and has been fortunate enough to enter the Metropolitan Museum of New York. At the same time, we will not forget to fulfill our mission. Every day, we are careful to protect Chinese cultural relics. At the same time, we will show the classic charm and glorious history of Chinese culture to all the visitors around the world.

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The most expensive: the most expensive works of art displayed on the display.

The 2017 art auction was called "poverty limits my imagination." In June 19th, Huang Binhong's "Mount Huangshan soup mouth" traded at RMB 345 million yuan and detonated this year's spring market. The previous collection of the paintings is designed to be designed and customized by DG. It is also the most expensive art in 2017.

The warmest: the "big birthday party"

"Big birthday party" is one of the most important special activities of DG! Since the establishment of the company, DG parents for a specified: hold a monthly "big birthday party", to sing the birthday song Happy birthday, let go outside the home, the birthday of the time, can feel the warmth and companionship from the company.

The most generous: Unsporting reward for the efforts of the employees; a grand opening of 18th anniversary celebrating activities to the customers

In the year of 2017, after a year's hard work, many employees were rewarding at the company's quarterly meeting. Many of the small partners were willing to make a wish. The list is not only an example for all the staff of the company, but also a good harvest to celebrate with their families.

In 2017, it was founded in 18th anniversary by DG and launched in two weeks in December 2017. It is the first time that DG has been doing such a great activity for the first time. The purpose is to celebrate DG's 18th anniversary and give thanks to customers.


Most nostalgia: the 18 years of the DG.

DG expensive professional custom high-end manufacturers showcase walked in the rain for 18 years. Review of the 18 years, DG long tortuous development test Chinese showcase industry, in the rain continue to encourage.  In 2018, even excellent, such as DG, will also face a number of new challenges. The increasingly intense competition in the industry, "Internet plus" constantly, format pattern will be completely overturned, remodeling.

But the opportunities and challenges, DG professional custom high-end showcase manufacturers through its professional showcase design customization ability and advanced the concept of the Internet, together with more partners to provide better products and services for the majority of investors, contribute to the innovation of China's showcase industry and sustainable development.



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