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DG New Products Release

source:DG view:9 date:2019-04-22 17:16:00

Nowadays, business technology is more and more developed, and consumption upgrades are forcing many companies to upgrade their brands. Some conceptual products move from virtual to reality, let people lament the amazing power of technology. At the 2019 International Hong Kong Jewelry Show, some new products, new designs are always beyond imagination, and they are in the midst of luxury. Enjoy the space, except for the admiration, there is no better vocabulary to describe it. Let me lead everyone to see the amazing products in this exhibition!

1. Front display cabinet



DG showcase masters have launched a number of new showcases. You can watch this ingenious front cabinet series with me at the show. The white undulating vertical stripes show the light and dark changes in the embrace of light. With a rose gold frame, it is elegant and refined, and the size ratio is full, showing the versatile charm of jewelry.




In addition to the front cabinet series with cabinets, there are slim fan-shaped and straight cabinets, slim cabinet feet and ergonomic design, giving customers a good viewing and try-on experience. The biggest feature of this kind of showcase is that it can be freely combined, and it can be used in various shops. For example, the fan-shaped showcase is extremely common in the layout of the store, and the combination of several fan-shaped cabinets can be combined into an experience similar to the island. The Tibetan wind gathers wealth and has a good feng shui guide, which makes people flow back and forth.

2. The free standing cabinet





The series of cabinets from the carved European style to the simple and luxurious modern style give people a feeling of surprise. The simple things are hidden in the beauty, how to change the trend of the trend, stick to the simple style, and have the beauty of viewing, the outstanding function, and the interpretation of the ingenuity of the craftsmanship. A good showcase will speak for yourself. The craftsman's craftsmanship can sculpt the soul of a good product. DG showcase masters produced, must be fake.

3. Experience table and countertop



In this era of more and more emphasis on the experience of the economy, the experience table can be said to be an essential tool for improving the transformation of each store. To serve customers well, to give customers the best experience in order to win a good reputation, in order to differentiate the competition. Then, the experience table is completely integrated with functions and exhibitions. In addition to communication and negotiation, there is also the experience of trying on luxury jewelry at any time. Let's take a look at the countertop cabinet. In recent years, because of its portable convenience and flexible combination, it has been more favored by the owner. DG showcase masters have developed a unique rechargeable jewellery countertop in the world, which can easily meet your needs for several hours of exhibitions, and also reduce the overall aesthetic appearance of some sites due to power wiring.

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